Cat Tree Play House Condo Scratcher

  • $120.00

Cat Tree Play House Condo Scratcher

Package Included:
1 x pet blanket
1 x oxford cloth(installation accessory)
1 x Scratching Post
2 x long bent pipes
4 x short bent pipes
12 x long pipes
12 x short pipes
8 x connection accessories
6 x round accessories
1 x user installation manual


  • Beautifully designed with fun activities for your cat to scratch, climb, jump.
  • Often used specifically to prevent scratching and lounging on other household items.
  • Cats use as beds, hideaways, and playhouses.
  • Installation is very convenient
  • Thicken the scratching post with sisal material
  • Detachable, easy to transport and install

Product name: Cat Tree Play House
Model: J2M002M
Color: camouflage
Material: sisal+oxford cloth+PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride)+ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene Copolymers)+cardboard
Size: 70cmx40cmx80cm/27.6''x15.75''x31.5''


US: 1-2 weeks

International 2-4 weeks