About Us

Hi my lovely cat community! 

First off, a big thank you for visiting my online store -- it means the world to me! Most importantly it means a lot to our four legged furry friends, who need help finding their furrever homes. Let me introduce myself and why I created the brand I am so proud of, Just Purrfect. 

My Story

I am the owner of three ADORABLE little fur balls and have a passion for things cat-related. Previously to opening my online store I couldn't help but notice there wasn't one online store out there which had all the cool cat accessories I was looking for. Sure there were the big name brands, but not one small scale store that was dedicated to helping our furry friends. 

So I thought to myself, "well I certainly have an eye for cool cat products, and I know how to make a website. Why not create my own shop?" 

Our Mission

I want Just Purrfect to be the go-to hub for cat friends looking for cool cat fashion and accessories. I am on the lookout every day to find new and awesome products to make your and your cat's life purrfect!

Want to Join Our Cause 

If you have any suggestions, questions, etc. please contact me via the Facebook chat on our site or the Facebook Just Purrfect page.

Much love,